Geo-SAFER Western Mindanao

The Geo-SAFER Western Mindanao Project is one of the component projects of the Geo-SAFER Mindanao to systematically assess of flood in ten (10) river basins, namely Larapan, Maigo, Langaran, Titunod, Aloran, Lugait, Manticao, Naawan, Tamontaca, and Nituan river basins. Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU–IIT) is one of the five (5) implementing Higher Education Institutions of Geo-SAFER Mindanao. The project is under MSU–IIT’s College of Engineering and Technology (COE and T), with Prof. Alan E. Milano as the Project Leader.

Aside from creating detailed flood hazard maps using LiDAR data, the project also offers some enhancements and innovations through a hydrological characterization of the project areas with focus on assessing drainage and sedimentation.

Geo-SAFER Western Mindanao also train the LGUs we work with on how to interpret and utilize the flood hazard and exposure maps for them to maximize the benefits of the generated research outputs. These will benefit them in terms of the following: a) Accurate early warning, b) Anticipated Resource Requirement for relief and rehabilitation, c) Established Pathways for evacuation and rescue, d) Other pertinent data such as: vulnerable population and groups, 4Ps beneficiaries, income level, gender, registered voters, tax mapping, the issuance of barangay clearance, number of potential customers, for insurance premium, and for development planning. All these can be incorporated into the LGUs’ Ecological profile, which is the mother database used for the various development plans including the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP).